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established customer service & cleanliness

High Maintenance salon with Manscaping for Men is a female-owned Colorado Springs salon that specializes in nail, hair and skin care for both men and women. We are proud supporters of the Air Force Academy, local high schools, and community non-profits. Located near Sky Sox stadium, we actively support our local sports teams and business networks.


Safe and sanitary pedicures, manicures, facials, waxing and hair for men and women by professionals licensed in the State of Colorado. Everyone would be happy to show you their license upon request. No one here does any service that they are not licensed to be doing.


We use a "one time use" pedicure bowl liner. We don't "double dip" our wax. We do keep our salon very clean and sanitary. All of our sinks, soaps and trash receptacles are high tech "no touch" automatic open.

Established in 2009

There was a need for something between a Nail Shop and an Expensive High End Salon - also a place where customer service was not just words, but a way of treating customers. We try very hard every day to be that place. Our customers are our greatest asset and we value their continued support and patronage. Our goal is to be the very best in the Springs and we continue to work at it every day.

We look forward to serving you! Please see our contact page if you have any questions, require directions or if you wish to make an appointment.

Manscaping - A Colorado Springs men salon with haircuts
Manscaping salon - Hair waxing for men Manscaping - the best men salon in Colorado Springs

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